A Sense of Time


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This story is full of reality and truth. The story of two souls coming to terms with a terminal illness.

The story illustrates the struggle to grasp the reality of this cruel illness and the courage of the two people Sue and Steve as they face this stark reality.

If you want to have a glimpse of some of the trials and tribulations and decisions made at this very difficult time of life then welcome. You are invited to share how the story unfolded and some of the very raw emotions that are part of this journey through the last two years of their lives together.

Faith and Love are vital for both people as they come to terms with the last years together.

The role of wife changes as does the role of husband as this cruel illness robs the patient of every single bit of control and dignity.

Part Two; The reality of a new normal and how to come to terms and live your life after a loved one passes from this earthly plain.

Part Three; This is the exciting part as a new Philosophy by the writer Sue shares a new language of Love. Realisations and Awareness arise as words are unlearned and a new relationship evolves for herself. This could be you if you choose to change. 



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