My Adventures in Perth, Melbourne Australia and the UK


Book synopsis of my second book entitled,
My adventures in Perth, Melbourne Australia and the UK
by Sue Gaskell Barlow

This book tells of my adventures in Perth Australia one year and the following year of going to Melbourne. The Perth experience was a holiday for a week when I needed that thing we call ‘Space’ or Time out.
The second part of my adventure in this book is of my trip to Melbourne going onto the UK my homeland. This was a month long holiday and I celebrated my birthday there.
The first part tells of some of my life in New Zealand and of Steve and my adventures there. Then the trip to Perth that followed.
The second part of the book is about my going to Melbourne and then on to the UK. I went to see friends and family as I have done many times since leaving the U.K. in 2004. Both parts of Australia very different and very beautiful. These amazing journeys I chose to go on alone because Steve was at work and I needed a holiday. I being 7 years older than Steve had retired and so I went alone. My emails kept him up to date with my adventures and I felt close to him and so all was well. I hope you can join me on this adventure and become part of the story by using your imagination and allowing yourself to share with me the fun on my trips.
It’s fun, it’s real it’s waiting for you. ?

A third book is in the making as I write this preview and launch my book onto my website now May 2017
I invite you to share the journey and encourage you to venture out of your comfort zone and reach out for pastures new
My third book the trilogy book is today beginning to be written. Here I go
So arriving at the airport I see his smiling face and the look of love blows me away………



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